Your career doesn’t have to be work

Public Speaking 

Let’s say you had to sum up Tom Stern’s life on a T-shirt. It would probably read “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Shut Up.” Tom has certainly stumbled on the road to success, but sharing his victories–and his mistakes–in front of an audience is inspiring to him.

And he wants to share that inspiration, along with practical information and insights, with the people most important to him: his fellow working professionals.

Tom’s talk, “Stop My Life I Want To Get On” deals humorously, and often powerfully, with how to integrate the pressures of a success- driven society with the very real need all of us have to grow as people outsidethe workplace.

Tom Speaking

Forbes CEO Forum NYC 

Tom appears with Michael Wellman, former Global Partner Korn Ferry and Marshall Goldsmith, World Renowned Executive Coach.

CNBC’s Power Lunch

Tim discusses CEO Dad comic strip and pokes fun at corporate behavior with host Bill Griffeth.

Stop My Life I Want To Get On

A One man corporate show that teaches life lessons from a man who sleeps standing up.