Meet Tom

Your career doesn’t have to be work

Introducing Tom Stern

When it comes to not taking work too seriously, Tom Stern is all business.

Raised by a super-successful C.E.O, Tom cut his teeth on the world of stand-up comedy and entertainment management, then veered back into the corporate world by becoming one of the top executive recruiters, or “headhunters,” in the nation. Now, he has channeled his experience straddling the corporate and show business worlds into a nationally-syndicated comic strip and a nationally-syndicated radio show.

In anyone else, this melding of disciplines may have created an identity crisis. In Tom Stern, it has created a man with a mission: to redefine corporate culture and attitudes, to bring fun back into the shaping of a career, and to make sure that everyone, no matter what their rank, has a few laughs along the road to success.

Tom At The Oscars

What an honor to have been part of the team that won
the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject. Not only did I get to make significant contributions to the final draft of a script by Joe Kennedy and John Canemaker, one of the world’s most respected animators, but I got to work alongside the film’s incredibly talented Producer, my sister Peggy Stern. Plus, I even gave the film its title. “The Moon and the Son.”

To sit in the Kodak Theatre and to hear the name of your project called as a winner… I literally jumped out of my seat. Let’s face it, the Oscar is the granddaddy of awards. Sure, I had previously achieved a ten-year streak, winning Best Corporate Recruiter at my firm every single time. But it just didn’t mean as much. Maybe because I was the sole proprietor.


Your Career Doesn’t Have To Be Work

Over the years Tom has had the opportunity to be involved and help many people. Here are just a couple of those opportunities he is proud to have been a part of.

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