15 Million Americans Make a Living in Sales
15 Million Americans Make a Living in Sales

Most of them struggle with anxiety every day.
But you don’t have to anymore.

Fear Less, Sell More will help you change everything.



Your Career Doesn’t Have to Be Work

After 30+ years of executive search, why is this man still smiling? One simple reason…

He found a way to make sales a creative, expressive experience where he can be of service to others, and oh by the way, make a lot of money.

Former actor, comedian, writer-producer, talk show host and comic strip creator, Tom sees executive search and any sales career in general as a creative opportunity.

Having struggled with his own sales demons, Tom wants to share why overcoming them makes winning so rewarding.

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To Whom It May Concern: I hereby certify that CEO Dad is fresh, funny, entertaining, and market ready. It’s time for Dilbert to move over and make room for CEO Dad. Thank you for your consideration.

– Jerry Seinfield

Dear Tom, I very much enjoyed being on your show. You are very creative and very funny, but most importantly, you are original! I’m predicting great things for Tom Stern.

– Gloria Allred

Dear Tom: Thanks a lot for sending information on CEO Dad. I really enjoyed it, very clever idea. Hope to see more of it in the future.

– Jay Leno

Your Career Doesn’t Have To Be Work

Over the years Tom has had the opportunity to be involved and help many people. Here are just a couple of those opporunities he is proud to have been a part of.

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Tom discusses “How He Overame Success Addiction”


Book: I Killed – True Stories From America’s Top Comics

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