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Opportunity Knocks


With over 23 years experience in the world of corporate recruiting, Tom Stern knows how to cut to the chase, and he answers listener’s tough career questions with practical and hard-hitting advice. Plus, he does it with caring, and a sense of humor that gets the point across in a fun way that a caller can really use.

Tom is aided in the fun department by his co-host, author and humorist James Napoli. Jimmy searches high and low for weird news from the world of business.

Opportunity Knocks with Tom

Opportunity Knocks with Tom Stern is syndicated by Business Talk Radio.

Gloria Allred

Fight Back and Win: My Thirty-year Fight Against Injustice–and How You Can Win Your Own Battles

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How to be the funniest Kid in the Whole Wide World (or just in your class)

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Professionally reinventing yourself

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Tom Stern on NPR

The award-winning daily program “Marketplace” from American Public Media has been bringing public radio’s intelligent and sophisticated approach to the world of business since 1989. Tom Stern, the most frequently-used humorist on “Marketplace” for an entire year,
brought his own offbeat take to the airwaves, with commentary on the world of recruiting, health care, and even a skit featuring his creation, “CEO DAD.

Placing Myself

A resourceful headhunter shows how he might place himself in a situation.


A comical look of how a CEO balances the demands of work and family.

12 Steps

A 12 Step Plan for individuals that have excessive ambition.

Stocks & Bondage

A dark comedy discussion with Financial Advisors from the basement of Tom Stern’s home.

Murphey @ Lewis Law

Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy in court.

Business Lunches

Behind this business ritual, another game is actually going on.