Is sales stressful for you? It better be.

Your career doesn’t have to be work

Is sales stressful for you? It better be.

Is sales stressful for you? It better be.

If it’s not, you’re either dead or have a really large trust fund. And if you do,what the hell are you working for?

Sales people don’t like to admit when there’s a problem. You can’t show weakness. It just comes with the territory.

My opinion… the only thing worse than anxiety is DENIAL.

Like they say, the only thing worse than the crime is the cover up.

Now, anxiety may not be a felony. But when it comes to being productive and enjoying your career, it’s definitely a serious misdemeanor.

But no matter how much we like to cover things up, here’s one fact that may surprise you:

50 million Americans make a living in sales. Most of them struggle with anxiety.

Are you one of those 50 million people? I am.

Feel better now that you know you’re not alone? It’s a start.

Here’s a tip: Find someone who can be your anxiety partner. Support each other and find solutions. I’ve got a few & it’s worked for me. Stay tuned!

Learning to Succeed Despite Anxiety

Anxiety is a double-edged sword.

It can paralyze you, keeping you from chasing opportunities.

Yet those same insecurities can fuel you to do things you never thought possible.

Both ends of the spectrum have come into play at different times in my life.

Early in my career, fear won more often than it lost.

But as I’ve grown and learned to conquer my sales anxiety, I’ve built a company and career I could have never created otherwise.

The mastery of my anxiety is something that has developed over time. But I’ve learned there are patterns.

And those patterns are what I want to teach others now through my new book: Fear Less, Sell More.

It’s a book about me, but really it’s a book about you if you’re one of the 50 million people struggling with sales anxiety.

It’s not just another self-help book.

It’s a MAJOR intervention.

It’s your ally in the fight against fear which never sleeps, but I guarantee you with my book, it will take a nap!

Get your copy of Fear Less, Sell More. today. You’ll be glad you did.